Penile cancer: A devastating reality

René Sotelo, world-renowned urologist-oncologist, addresses a tremendously complex subject: penile cancer, the only cancer that can be prevented.

In the recognized TedxPasadena talk, Dr. Sotelo, with great sensitivity and professionalism —and even a touch of humor—, comments: “We have increased the survival rate in patients with breast and prostate cancer, but the survival rate in patients with penile cancer has decreased. Why do these people seek treatment so late? It’s not because they don’t have access to health services. It’s because they’re embarrassed, afraid or unaware of how severe this disease can be.”

Dr. Sotelo hopes that, by exposing this topic to discussion and debate, the stigma associated with this type of cancer, which is entirely preventable, can be reduced. In the same way, he seeks to ensure that patients are able to take care of themselves, as well as of their family and friends.