When should the Urologist be consulted?



Whenever illness of the urinary tract is suspected -such as in the form of infection, calculi (stones), incontinence, or tumors, among others -an urologist should be consulted. As for prostatic diseases, the first consultation should take place at 50 years of age regardless of a suspected illness, unless the patient has a higher risk of prostate cancer, such as African American and those who have direct family members (brother, father, or grandfather) who have had this disease. In the latter, high-risk cases it is advisable to have the first consultation at age 40.

The consultation with the urologist is the first part of the evaluation. The urologist will ask about the personal data of the patient –such as age, previous illness, and health history of family member –as well as specific questions about the suspected urological disease, with emphasis on urinary discomfort. This is followed by a complete physical examination. Based on the finding, the urologist will order the relevant laboratory test and imaging studies.

Does the Urologist work only wit men’s diseases?

The urologist is a specialist in the diseases of the urinary tract, which includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra, all present in both men and women. Therefore, the urologist works with both men and women. This is a specialist also deals with men’s genital diseases –specifically those that affect the penis, testicles, or prostate –and those related to the male sexual function.


Extract from Prostate Cancer. A patient’s Guide.