Academia is multiplied
Teaching as seen by Dr. Rene Sotelo

“...Teacher, is a beautiful word.  In medicine it has to do with respect, authority, and that is the history of medicine ... you respect your teachers who are authorites. Over time, you  gradually create your own space so that at some point you can really be an authority on this or that .... You never know when you become an authority, you just get there, but it is worthless if you do not transmit it, if you don’t teach it... ” Teaching, academia, study, care to detail is a daily practice in the day to day life of Doctor René Sotelo. Consistent improvement is what Dr. Sotelo hands down to the team he leads and the residents, apprentices, who get trained and certified at the University of Southern California (USC ) in the latest urological and robotic surgery techniques. Their motto is the motto that led the return of Apollo 13 in the year 1970 "failure is not an option." "In medicine failure is not an option, it’s not an alternative ... and I'll tell you what, we have very few errors, and the reason is because we are obsessive perfectionists. There are errors in medicine, the patient can be complicated, but we are obsessive about details. I think ahead about the possible complications, so I take the precautions I should take, and when I lie down I ask myself what did I have to do? Have I failed to do something? Could I have done more than I did? That's what I convey to my team, is to know that in medicine there is no option to do a thing half way or poorly, never anything is done without a good reason. If you are doing something you have to be 100% sure it can work. You think what you should do and what you can do in advance so something does not happen. We are so focused on details that if suddenly something happens, we can mark that spot so we can get back there again. You have to plan ahead and know that there is no option for making a mistake …"

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"If you want to join the group of urologists in the world positively impacting lives and changing histories, contact me. I want to do more for  people and count on you.".
Doctor René Sotelo N.

  • Fellows from Italy, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, China, Japan, Mexico, among other countries, have been trained by Dr. Rene Sotelo in the latest developments of urology and have been certified by University of Southern California (USC).
  • More than 72 international fellows have been trained by Dr. Rene Sotelo in urological robotic surgery techniques.
  • Currently, the techniques for robotically-assisted surgery are replicated in more than 18 countries by specialists trained and guided under Dr. Sotelo´s expertise and knowledge
  • Related research is reported in annual publications
  • More than 72 ambassadors recreating and exporting first world medicine to make a difference in their countries’ welfare.

My Vision:

“Transferring knowledge to bring health to hundreds of people, open avenues for science and create new techniques and procedures to help heal patients around  the world …”