Why should you have a prostate examination?


The prostate can be the source of diverse illnesses, like with all organs of the human body. Among these, the most representative are those caused by inflammation (prostatitis), benign growth (benign prostatic hyperplasia), and cancer. Fortunately, the prostate is an organ that is easily accessible with a simple and rapid examination by way of the rectum. All of these diseases can be treated in time to prevent the deterioration of other related organs and the advancement of the illness.

What means are available for prostate evaluation?

For the general prostate evaluation, two basic tools are available: a digital rectal examination and a blood test to measure a substance called prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which will be dealt with in a special chapter.

What is the digital rectal examination?

During digital rectal examination, the urologist inserts his index finger into the patient´s rectum in order to palpate (feel) the back part of the prostate. This examination not only can give the physician information about abnormalities in the configuration of the glans, but also information about its size, consistency, and tenderness. It assist in diagnosing the growth of the prostate, specifically with a concern for prostatitis or suspected prostate cancer.