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Category: Urology Date: March 2013 Tags: Medical, Robotics
Authors: René Sotelo, Octavio Almanzor, Robert De Andrade, Oswaldo Carmona, Rafael Clavijo, Juan Carlos Castro, Golena Fernández, Mihir Desai, Monish Aron, Inderbir Gill. Technique: Transperitoneal transvesical robotic simple prostatectomy. Circumferential incision around bladder neck. Adenoma enucleated with blunt and sharp dissection. Advantages: Lower perioperative morbidity. Improved functional results. Eliminate the risk of residual or future prostate cancer without interrupting potency or continence. Results: Reduced blood loss. Mantains the normal fascial supports of the bladders and prostate. Provide rapid access to large prostate adenomas without the need to dissecting the space of Retzius. Conclusion: Minimally invasive approaches for large, symptomatic BPH are replacing the gold standard open surgical approach, duplicating its results with lower morbidity.