Movember: ‘Obelisco’ in Plaza Altamira turns blue


ObeliscoAs an initiative of the Cancer Society of Venezuela (SAV), medical specialists and young people concerned about the high incidence of prostate cancer in Venezuelans men, this year’s Movember campaign comes with label on social networks: #EsCosadeHombres to prevent and raise awareness of the importance of holding annual checkups for early detection of this disease.

Dr. Rene Sotelo, a member of the Board of SAV, explains that this is a campaign that will be disseminated through social media, which have different personalities involved. The object is to use the accounts of each of the partners to help them play the messages of this initiative.

Also, the urologist says this campaign began in November stems from concern about the high number of patients with prostate cancer in the country.

In November 19, the obelisk of Plaza Altamira – Caracas- lit up blue for prostate cancer awareness. The audience could take pictures with mustaches, which were distributed in social networks SAV and Movember.

Thus, the Cancer Society of Venezuela, participating in Movember initiative -born in Australia consisting of a global campaign under the month of fighting prostate cancer. It will also continue for the remainder of the year with educational and informative programs that SAV conducted continuously.